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Spray Tanning

The Healthy Way to Glow!

Sunkissed sunless tanning
  • Get a great, natural spray tan instantly
  • Safe, organic-based solution
  • Helps diminish wrinkles
  • Moisturizes and repairs damaged skin
  • Lasts 7-10 days
  • Takes just 5 minutes and dries fast
  • Flawless, beautiful tan (no orange skin)
  • Look great for any occasion

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GREAT for Special Occasions!

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What is Body Makeover Sunless Tanning?

Body Makeover’s Sunless Tanning is a safe, natural way to get a tan. The sunless tanning is a spray tan that sets into the top layer of your skin, causing you to appear darker. Our spray tan tech will hand spray you, providing a sunkissed tan to your satisfaction. Included with our natural looking bronzers is DHA, which works to produce the color you are trying to achieve. Our solutions are all natural, completely harmless, and FDA approved.

The great advantage of using Body Makeover’s Sunless Tanning compared to tanning beds or spray tan booths, is that you can tan specific areas, if you’d like, or focus on specific areas that you would like to add more color. This makes your tan more precise and you can make sure certain areas are done to your approval.

Why Choose Body Makeover for Sunless Tanning?

  • Body Makeover’s Sunless Solution dries super fast! Most spray tans take at least an hour to really dry, yet our solution dries within a few minutes. You will be ready to go and won’t have to worry about your tan coming off on your clothes.
  • Our Sunless Solution is over 80% organic and is very safe and good for your skin.
  • Our Sunless Solution smells fantastic and doesn’t have the burnt smell of most other spray tan solutions. You will leave Body Makeover looking and smelling great!
  • You will be guaranteed that you will have an even tan all over your body, because the spray tan tech hand sprays you and can see what areas may need more or less color.
  • Provides a beautiful, natural looking tan…no orange look, and no streaks! Lasts 7-10 days…much longer compared to others. Most spray tan booths last a max of 5 days.
  • Body Makeover’s Spray Tan Tech is very experienced and has sprayed hundreds of clients.

How Do I Prepare for My Spray Tan?

The best way to be prepared for your spray tan is to follow our checklist:

  1. Exfoliate and clean skin. The best places to exfoliate are your driest areas, such as feet, elbows, and knees.
  2. Shave. Not having freshly shaved skin can prohibit even tanning in specific areas, such as knees. Also, it’s recommended that you do not shave again until after your first shower.
  3. No lotion, deodorant, or makeup. All three can prohibit even tanning. Deodorant can also cause a greenish tint to your skin that is temporary.
  4. Wear old, dark undergarments or an old swimsuit to your spray tan session. The initial bronzer can rub off onto it, but it can be washed out.
  5. Wear dark, loose fitted clothing after your session. This will help prevent initial bronzer from rubbing off on clothing.

Will My Spray Tan Rub Off?

After a few hours, the solution will be set into your skin and will not rub off. However, some of the extra bronzer may come off, most likely in your first shower.The best way to prolong your spray tan is to use our Body Makeover Tan Extender Kit. This kit includes a full body exfoliator and our tan extender moisturizer cream. After you take your first shower, and everyday after that, use this cream to help keep your skin from drying out. This will also help to even out any areas that may need touched up.

The more moisturized your skin is, the longer your tan will last. The great advantage of using our tan extender cream compared to other moisturizing creams, is that our tan extender cream is made from the same solution as our spray tan. This will help guarantee that they both work well together to keep your skin moisturized and prolong your tan.

How Long Will My Spray Tan Last?

On average, your spray tan will last roughly 7-10 days. To prolong your tan, moisturizing everyday is very important. This will keep your skin from drying out and cracking, which will make your tan last longer. Another way to prolong your tan is to get another spray tan within the 7- 10 days. This will re-moisturize your skin and re-apply more bronzer.

How Soon Can I Shower After My Spray Tan?

The longer you wait, the better. However, allow at least two hours for the solution to seep into your skin better and completely dry.

What Should I Do After My Spray Tan?

  1. Wait to shower for at least two hours. The longer you wait to shower, the better.
  2. No sweating or getting wet for at least two hours.
  3. Keep skin well moisturized after first shower. This will prevent drying out your skin and therefore prolonging your spray tan.
  4. Use a gentle soap, such as Dove or Caress. You don’t want to scrub skin too much until you are ready for your spray tan to be off.

Weddings & Special Events

Body Makeover spray tans are perfect for an upcoming event or vacation! Don’t bother worrying about being burnt or not being dark enough in time for your upcoming occasion. Body Makeover spray tans will provide you with the color you’re looking for. The best time to do a spray tan would be two days before your special occasion. It’s also a great idea to do a trial spray tan a week or two before your occasion, as well, to guarantee exactly what you want!

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